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This vps has 16gbs of ram 8 cores (AMD Ryzen 5800X (MIA) 4.7 GHz) 950gbs of storage (you are not allowed to use this vps for storage files must be only for fivem ) and 24/7 ddos protection and has backup generators you connect to the vps through filezilla or winscp if you need a database setup for the vps let me know Server Location is in newjersey IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES CONTACT US ON THE SITE THROUGH EMAIL OR DISCORD FOR A FASTER RESPONSE (CAN HOST DISCORD BOTS RUST SERVERS FIVEM SERVERS CONTACT US FOR ANY OTHER TYPES)

5 reviews for Game server vps, vps info in description

  1. Flex and Chillz

    Extremely well server, great support. Friendly owner. Now Certified Cool kid

  2. mike.p

    thank you james you saved me lots of hours thank you beening my dev love your work

  3. Pako

    Very reliable hosting! Got a great deal with James. I think that no matter the budget this is a product and a company that will work for you.

  4. Keane#8458

    Super easy to work with, very quick responses to all my various questions, everything was setup immediately. Very highly recommend!!!

  5. Mathieu (verified owner)

    Amazing support!!!!! Super easy to add scripts and a amazing VPS. @LeafToast He is the best developer!!!!!!

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