Custom Qbus Server (FiveM)

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Fun Features in QBus V1:

You can sell hotdogs to npc’s for cash.
Server comes with a custom inventory along with shops.
Custom phone apps.
Working Soda Machines.
Custom hud with custom sounds and nitrous.
Custom car dealer.
Custom trains that drive through the city.
Custom cardealer job
All players can choose what motel they want when its their first time in the server
You can catch and sell fish for cash
Custom police job
Working scrap yard
Custom mining job
Custom chicken job
Advanced and Custom admin menu
Custom Core
Custom and Advanced banking
You can create housing with /creathouse
Custom house furnishing

1 review for Custom Qbus Server (FiveM)

  1. David P.

    5 Star review for the support and work. He changed all the flags to Canadian for me free of charge. He also added in a couple mlo’s i sent also for free which was amazing. So far i have had 0 issues with the server so far and the support is amazing 100% would recommend.

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