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Here at GoodLeaf we are one of the most trusted and cheapest hosting companys for all of your game server needs.


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Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Access And Upload Files From Your Phone.

You can access all your data from your phone and upload.

Fast Transfer Speeds

You can transfer up to 10 files per second and get up to 10gbs internet speed. While using our machines for super-fast uploads and downloads.

Secure Connection

We use secure ssl tunnels to ensure your connection to our servers is safe and secure so nobody can steal your data.

Secure Remote Backups

Because of our remote backups and ssl tunnels, your files are locked and secure for only you to see.

Low Prices

Because of our low prices you get more for less.

Free Backups

50 gbs of free backup cloud backup space.

Optimized Game Servers

We optimize all of our products including our game servers to ensure your service is running the best it can.

Barely Any Downtime

Because of our 99% up time you will never experience any connectivity issues.

DDOS Protection

Because of our mitigation and network ports it Instantly mitigates malicious attacks so you will never experience any issues.

Why Choose Our Hosting?

You should choose our hosting because our revolutionary DDoS protection are amazing prices are up time, support, and security.

Built to Last

Higher Security and Data Demanding Optimizations

Around The Clock Security

One of our highest priorities is to provide security for customer’s data. From the perimiter to the server cages, you’re covered.

Cheap Prices

The reason we are so cheap for residential hosting game servers is because we mainly sell large nodes to companies. Since the machines are owned buy us we get to decide the price.

Enterprise Grade Climate Control & Redundancy

We offer a 100% uptime SLA on power, cooling, and network operation for true enterprise grade availability.We offer a 100% uptime SLA on power, cooling, and network operation for true enterprise grade availability.

Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

Here at GoodLeaf you have better optimization and stats and get more controll over your service

Encrypted SSL tunnels

Direct FTP Connection

High Power CPU's

High Power Ram

Satisfaction Guaranteed

How We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction by having the best customer support. By having the fastest setup times and support. If there are any issues feel free to call or email us.

Highly Affordable Game Servers

We have the most affordable Game Servers around. To make sure that our customers are always satisfied knowing they are paying the cheapest price.

30 Days of Free Hosting

You can get 30 days of FREE HOSTING if you refer 2 people to the service or you can get $20.00 USD