Our Main Features

We offer a vast array of features so feel free to read our features below

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High Performance

For our storage on our web hosting plans we use NVME SSD storage which makes your website load faster.

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Enhance Security

For our security we use encrypted SSL tunnels and we also perform backend security checks every weekend.

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Spam Guard

We use spam protection for all websites registered with us and all webmail accounts registered with us.

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Unbeatable Support

We offer unbeatable support meaning if there are any interruptions you can contact us through email or a ticket in the client area.

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Fully Managed

We offer fully managed Web Hosting so you don't have to worry about technical details.

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We monitor all of our systems including DDoS attacks or any issues with the machines.

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99% Up Time

We offer 99% uptime meaning your services wont go down. For any outages or partial outages your account will be credited for the downtime.

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Scalable & Customized

We offer very broad and reliable plans for your web hosting needs and desires.