Protection From Denial of Service Attacks

All incoming traffic is scanned through our advanced screening technology.

Malicious traffic is automatically blocked before it even reaches your dedicated server.

Clean traffic is sent to your server so visitors don't see any disruption in service.


Protection Benefits

No Service Disruptions

Prevent service disruptions during attacks.

Maximum Performance

Maximum performance with no additional latency.

No Revenue Loss

No revenue loss due to attacks causing service outages.

Access And Upload Files From Your Phone.

You can access all your data from your phone and upload.

Fast Transfer Speeds

You can transfer up to 10 files per second and get up to 10gbs internet speed. While using our machines for super-fast uploads and downloads.

Secure Connection

We use secure ssl tunnels to ensure your connection to our servers is safe and secure so nobody can steal your data.

Secure Remote Backups

Because of our remote backups and ssl tunnels, your files are locked and secure for only you to see.

Low Prices

Because of our low prices you get more for less.

Free Backups

50 gbs of free backup cloud backup space.

Optimized Game Servers

We optimize all of our products including our game servers to ensure your service is running the best it can.

Barely Any Downtime

Because of our 99% up time you will never experience any connectivity issues.

DDOS Protection

Because of our mitigation and network ports it Instantly mitigates malicious attacks so you will never experience any issues.


Game Server Plans & Pricing


Our Features

Free DDos Protection

Uptime is no longer based on just redundancy. The internet has been quickly evolving and has introduced new threats, specifically DDoS attacks. We believe that DDoS protection should be a standard across all Game Servers. We offer free DDoS protection for all of our servers to enable our customers from experiencing downtime from most malicious internet based DDoS attacks.

Which Attacks Are Filtered?

Our custom built in-house protection can protect against a variety of distributed denial of service attacks. This includes protection against common UDP based attacks typically seen against FiveM Game servers, CounterStrike game servers, and other game servers. Other attacks such as SYN, ACK, and TCP based attacks are also filtered through our free DDoS protection, commonly targetted toward web servers and cPanel dedicated servers. Since our entire system is built and maintained in-house, there is no additional added latency for DDoS protection.

Advanced DDoS Features

One type of protection doesn’t work for every application and may cause false alarms or improper filtration. We put the power to fine tune our in-house free DDoS protection and enterprise DDoS protection in our customer’s hands. Get access and fine tune the DDoS protection with access to white listing IPs and ports for your custom applications. We also allow setting up global UDP blocking for web and other applications that strictly use only the TCP protocol. There are many other options and we are proud to offer the most complete DDoS protection package available.

Detailed DDoS Attack Reports

After each DDoS attack, our systems keep a detailed record of the attack. This record includes the target IP, intensity of the attack, length of the attack and a sample flow of the attack traffic. The data in these reports can be used to fine tune the DDoS protection by using the Advanced DDoS features or select the appropriate enterprise protection that will meet your application’s needs to solidify uptime and provide users with an uninterrupted experience accessing your application or web site across the internet.

How Does It Work

Our DDoS protection works by using DDoS Mitigation where all incoming traffic is scanned through our advanced screening technology. Malicious traffic is automatically blocked before it even reaches your dedicated server and clean traffic is sent to your server so visitors dont see any disruption in service.

DDoS Protection From Light to Heavy DDoS Attacks
  • Instantly mitigates malicious attacks
  • Only clean traffic is sent to the server
  • Completely transparent to regular traffic
  • Protection from small and large attacks
  • Included free of charge with any server
  • In-house filtering for no added latency
  • Keeps services online throughout attacks
  • Regular traffic is unaffected
  • Peak protection always increasing
    • Every IP protected from DDoS attacks

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