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Checkout Our Custom Qbus Server (Version 1)

$350 USD

Fun features:

If you want a tour of the server join our discord server here

  • You can sell hotdogs to npc’s for cash.
  • Server comes with a custom inventory along with shops.
  • Custom phone apps.
  • Working Soda Machines.
  • Custom hud with custom sounds and nitrous.
  • Custom car dealer.
  • Custom trains that drive through the city.
  • Custom cardealer job
  • All players can choose what motel they want when its their first time in the server
  • You can catch and sell fish for cash
  • Custom police job
  • Working scrap yard
  • Custom mining job
  • Custom chicken job
  • Advanced and Custom admin menu
  • Custom Core
  • Custom and Advanced banking
  • Β 

What People Say:

You can pay with PayPal friends and family in our discord or you can pay with a credit card on the website we use stripe to ensure your information is safe we also use woo commerce so all payment information is secure.

Welcome to GoodLeaf Developments online FiveM shop. We run and maintain some of the largest RP servers worldwide. That’s why when shopping with GoodLeaf Development you will always be in safe hands, we understand the fundamentals to run a successful server and also deliver excellent customer satisfaction, we are forever growing and recruiting new staff in an attempt to offer the highest level of support available to you. We have our Discord staff who are on standby to help with questions relating to setup or installation. All of the FiveM scripts for sale on this website are available upon purchase. The servers have to be sent via an upload service due to the size of the files once you purchase make a ticket on our discord to get your server.

If for any reason you are struggling with the setup of the new script, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or message us within our Discord. please ensure you include screenshots that show errors, due to the quantity of customers we deal with it could take us a short period of time to reply, so to help us assist you most efferently please document any issues in a detailed manner. This way we can attempt to resolve this issue quickly for you and allow you to continue your daily routines. We thank you for visiting us & look forward to working with you.Β 

We have the full right to remove customers from our support rooms at any given time, Support is offered at our discretion The servers are sold as seen with its build on that date.. you are not legally entitled to any updates unless we choose fit. This means we have rights to ban anyone from support for being rude or breaking our rules within Discord/support.

I have over 2 years experience with java, C#, HTML, and Lua for over 3 years I also have 3 years expirence in sql and sql databases.

If you purchase and item and you feel like there is an issue, you can simply contact us via our online contact form on our website, or if you are in our Discord channel feel free to open a ticket within our Discord and we will happily look at resolving the issues you may be having. We cannot offer refunds due to our item being digital, but we do however allow you to test the products before purchasing on any of our live servers, this will allow you to test the product fully to ensure you are satisfied with the item. If for any reason you cannot test a product efferently prior to order, please feel free to contact us online via our contact page. If you have ordered and did not recive the product we can offer a refund

The items that are available for immediate download cannot be cancelled unfortunately, but can be tested prior to purchase. The servers we sell, such as Our custom Qbus servers & Our premium ESX server can take up to 24 hours to deliver. If for any reason you wish to cancel this order prior to receiving the files, we will happily cancel the order and process a full refund for you.

When ordering from GoodLeaf, your email address will be used to create your user account upon our website. This will allow you to log in and download updated files from previous orders. Due to updates and the forever changing platform of FiveM. When creating an account on our site, you acknowledge that your email address may be used by us for contacting purposes. We will not release your personal information and as per UK laws and US laws GoodLeaf understands and operates within GDPR legislations and United States Regulations.

If you have bought any server from us we will do a free installation if you have a server you want installed you can order it on our product page.Β